About us at Level Five

We work with Sales Leaders and Contact Centre Managers to deliver significant increases in sales conversion and revenue performance. We deliver real results by helping you to:

Profile the points at which revenue is won and lost in your sales conversations.

Identify exactly what leads to successful outcomes and renewal relationships.

Map the DNA of your Perfect Call(s)

Capture and replicate the Golden Moments that consistently produce revenue.

Your Problems & Opportunities

Our AI enabled insights reveal the DNA of the conversations that deliver your sales outcomes.

Sales performance across your team is wildly variable with too many operatives underperforming

You are struggling to get the right balance between scripting and more natural and engaging sales conversations

You do not have a method or the bandwidth to consistently review and grade calls

It takes too long to review individual calls and deliver individual call specific feedback

Gathering and sharing your existing call best practice(s) is difficult to do

You are finding it increasingly difficult to manage your telephone activity at a time when remotely located staff are becoming an increasing percentage of your workforce

It takes too long to get your new hires to speed

The Solution

Replicate best practice and create level jump improvements in performance across your entire sales team.

Implement a consistent cycle of call review, grading and coaching

Have calls coached in real time, anywhere, anytime globally

Provide time tagged specific feedback in caption, audio or video form to individual consultants

Have calls searched for key words, questions, competitors and phrases using Artificial Inteligence technology

Share annotated best practice moments and successful calls across the entire team

Serve up targeted self-directed learning based on what is happening in an individual's calls; and provide bite size video challenges to drive skill improvement that you can hear and see

Develop your ``black box`` of best practice sales conversations

Ramp up new starters by providing ``perfect call`` road map(s) and a library of best practice calls and call moments

Who Do We Help

Level Five trained and coached sales professionals interact in a uniquely productive manner with prospects, clients, and customer across the complete scope of industry sectors:








Real Estate



Subscription services

Happy Clients

We’ve Helped

Our clients are predominantly located within the Asia Pacific region and span a broad variety of industry sectors. We work with multi-national organisations, top 1000 Australian companies, Small to Medium Enterprises and start ups.


What my clients say

How Companies are increasing their Telephone Sales Conversion by 20%… and more.

You will learn how to:

Review and analyse your team’s calls

Spot the behaviours and techniques that cause conversion

Design your “Perfect Call”

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