How an Air Traffic Controller Transitioned to Sales

After 12 years as an air traffic controller, I was looking at alternative fields

Training That Really Works

Clients and prospective clients sometimes see us as “naysayers” when it come

About Us

We are a trusted adviser to a growing number of Asia Pacific’s leading businesses.

Our role is to help organisations address their specific sales related issues, challenges and opportunities.

We possess a strong sense of personality characterised by a common problem-solving and action-oriented philosophy.

We attract high calibre, talented and committed people who have share a sensitivity to external factors together with an aversion to complacency.

We possess broad and deep functional expertise and spend substantial time and effort developing and refreshing a knowledge base that delivers unique perspectives and insights to our clients.

We are value creation directed and create “client pull” for meaningful action that takes companies to new levels of sales success.

Our values:

  • We put the client’s interests first and in that sense separate ourselves from the job itself
  • We are consistent yet open-minded
  • We centre problem solving on the facts and on the front line
  • We view problems and decisions in the context of the whole and in terms of the immediate actions that need to be taken
  • We are pragmatic and candid
  • We have the courage to follow the trail indicated by the facts and will do everything we can to minimise client’s following unnecessary or irrelevant deviations and diversions
  • We believe that optimal success is delivered when we help clients form the right conclusions as their own
  • We build career defining and enduring relationships with clients based on the value we deliver when we demonstrate and deliveron these values

“Man is a problem-solving, skill-using, social animal. Once we have satisfied our hunger, two main types of experiences are significant to us. One of the deepest needs is to apply our skills, wherever that may be, to challenging tasks – to feel the exhilaration of a well-struck ball or the well solved problem.”

Herbert Simon – 1965