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After 12 years as an air traffic controller, I was looking at alternative fields

Training That Really Works

Clients and prospective clients sometimes see us as “naysayers” when it come

Case Study

Financial Services Sector

Client Critical Business Issue: Head of Retail Banking tasked with aggressive revenue targets for specific channels and unable to achieve them.

Level Five Engagement: Introduce and embed best practice sales engagement and solution selling oriented sales process to drive the required volume of sales channel growth.

Financial Services Sector

Client Critical Business Issue: GM Sales and Marketing dissatisfied with the inability of inbound call centre to reach conversion targets. Issue compounded by excessive call duration.

Level Five Engagement: Modelled ‘perfect call’ handling process aligning with existing customer care and coaching models, enabling consultants to consistently identify conversion drivers and clearly focus on conversion opportunities, whilst shifting non-conversion opportunities to alternative medium utilising IVR.

Financial Services Sector: Retail Banking

Critical Business Issue: Financial services organisation lacks the branch level consultative selling skills to identify and convert the full breadth of opportunities presented by customers visiting branches on day to day basis. Product per customer KPIs not being achieved.

Level Five Engagement: Introduce simple actionable customer focused diagnostic dialogue tools to drive more frequent and engaging customer conversations. Train “Meeter Greeters” to more effectively steer customers to staff best able to meet their needs including in branch Business Bankers and Financial Advisers. Implement branch level sales pipeline system and supporting opportunity follow up mechanisms.

Financial Services Sector: Business Banking

Critical Business Issue: Major bank experiencing less than optimal success rates in converting new business banking opportunities. Level of committed sales resources not commensurate with returns being generated.

Level Five Engagement: Review Sales Process in conjunction with Win / Loss analysis and review activity. Identified the five key contributing factors which included a lack of competitive differentiation, inadequate value focus and sales execution weaknesses. Redesign Sales Process and train and coach value proposition development and sales execution skills.

Professional Services Sector: Legal Services

Client Critical Business Issue: Managing Partner observes that talented Associate level practitioners at top tier firm lack the client interaction and business development skills to achieve the fee generation outcomes required to reach Partner status.

Level Five Engagement: A tailored one on one coaching solution reinforcing and embedding specific client focused skills and practices utilising the firm’s existing established client engagement and interaction models.

Professional Services Sector: Property

Critical Business Issue: High profile residential real estate business lacks an in house resource with the time to actively and consistently train and coach sales development and performance across multiple offices.

Level Five Engagement: Structured best practice real estate training and coaching solution on three week cycle delivered on site at all branch offices. Contextual training including scenarios and dialogue focusing on all sales and listing facets including competitive listing, , buyer management, deal negotiation, vendor management, business planning and the development of Effective Business Units. 24/7 support telephone and email support enabling live contextual coaching in day to day situations.

Education Sector:

Critical Business Issue: National education supplies company with high fixed cost sales force servicing highly seasonal market. Seeking to implement telephone account management and development strategy.

Level Five Engagement: Observed sales environment and current sales practices and behaviours. Developed territory plan, cost to service model, telephone channel strategy and provided outsourced solution to meet client needs.

Professional services: Consulting

Client Critical Business Issue: Managing Director of emerging mid-tier firm must increase the focus of key consultants on business development objectives and provide the organisation with the structure and skills to meet 3 year revenue growth objectives.

Level Five Engagement: Introduce best practice client oriented (end to end) business development process and the client engagement skills required to drive aggressive revenue growth.

IT – Telecommunications Sector

Client Critical Business Issue: GM Sales and Marketing concerned sales organisation is not appropriately configured and staffed for the new economic environment.

Level Five Engagement: Develop “fit for purpose and environment” competency based sales organisation structure and role description architecture to enable new efficiencies whilst maintaining optimal territory coverage.

IT and Telco Sector: Internet Services

Critical Business Issues: Fast growing business operating without structured sales approach across both residential and business divisions. No common way of selling. No common sales language. Inadequate and inaccurate sales forcasting resulting from lack of Sales Process.

Level Five Engagement: Introduce common solution and value oriented sales methodology across both residential and business sales organisations. Design and implement tools and templates to embed the new way of selling. Develop sales step process and integrate with to provide enhanced revenue visibility and forecasting discipline and accuracy.

Manufacturing Sector

Client Critical Business Issue: CEO and GM Commercial identify significant revenue in top 20 Key Accounts at competitive risk due to the absence of any structured Key Account Management process.

Level Five Engagement: Introduce and implement Key Account Management program including Annual Joint Business Planning Process for Key Accounts; develop and implement “secure then grow” Key Accounts strategy.

Travel & Transportation

Client Critical Business Issues: New National Sales Manager engaged and recognises lack of sales capability to competitively sell complex Value Proposition. CFO has concerns regarding an entrenched and prevailing focus on volume discounting to retain and win business.

Level Five Engagement: Work with GM Marketing and National Sales Manager to more effectively position the product and service offering focused on value rather than cost (price). Implement value oriented sales methodology to re-skill and re-position the sales force. Assist the client to develop a sales capability assessment process to determine the individual suitability of sales representatives for the “new world” sales organisation.

Retail Sector: National Appliance Retailer

Critical Business Issue: National retailer experiencing customer defection and accelerating revenue decline.

Level Five Engagement: Conduct comprehensive in store mystery shop and sales audit focusing on customer interaction and sales execution process and sales behaviour. Report findings to Board and recommend approach to redesign and re-skill sales force consistent with future business direction.

Retail Sector: International consumer goods

Critical Business Issue: International consumer goods manufacturer and retailer lacking cohesive development path for retail sales staff. Existing variety of disparate training programs and approaches across regions not delivering sales performance outcomes required.

Level Five Engagement: Develop role-specific competency model for all sales roles across 11 countries. Develop comprehensive retail sales training curriculum encapsulated in Retail University format. Develop tiered knowledge and skill development pathway and 3 year training program rollout delivered in 9 languages.

Industrial Sector: Equipment Hire

Critical Business Issue: Equipment hire business embarking on sales transformation journey. Highly successful sales organisation lacking fundamental sales process understanding and disciplines. Therefore unable to progress on methodology, skills, tools and CRM implementation journey.

Level Five Engagement: Develop multiple Sales Processes to serve various customer bases and buying environments. Develop Sales Processes dictated by Customer Buying Processes, and defined by Sales Process Steps, sales activities within each Step, key sales skills and behaviours required by activities within each step, verifiable outcomes, sales tools, sales pipeline alignment and forecasting formulae.

Utilities Sector: Residential Solar Solution

Critical Business Issue: Solar Solution to be sold to existing residential customer base. Key wholesale and retail energy player developing residential solar power solution to bring to eastern states markets requires support to develop outsourced telephone based sales team.

Level Five Engagement: Develop sales process, value proposition, sales methodology, sales tools, coaching model for sales consultants and team leader. Train, implement, monitor, support, coach for 3 months post implementation to drive numbers and put client on self sustainability pathway.

Information Technology: Global IT Solutions and Services provider

Critical Business Issue: U.S. based global player launching new business unit in Australia and Asia requires custom but fast to market solution selling based methodology. Sales organisation in recruitment and induction phase. Complex long sales cycle business to business selling environment.

Level Five Engagement: Implement tailored solution selling methodology. Sales organisation enters market with immediate key competitor impact and develops base platform of key logo customers within 9 months.

Manufacturing: Plastics and Packaging

Critical Business Issue: Australasian arm of international plastics and packaging organisation possesses unprofitable and underperforming Australian sales operation.

Level Five Engagement: Analyse, review and restructure sales organisation, roles, remuneration, infrastructure, systems and processes to serve targeted market segments profitably. Develop implementation approach and detailed plan. Coach sales leaders through successful implementation and embedding phase.

Professional Services: Real Estate

Critical Business Issue: Long established and high profile branded agency has lost significant market share and market profile due to a lack of sales leadership resulting in the exit of key sales staff to direct competitor(s).

Level Five Engagement: Develop market and sales strategy. Recruit, train and coach the sales organisation in order to re-establish market presence and achieve sales revenue targets.

Manufacturing: Mining Services

Critical Business Issue: Sales organisation selling into highly competitive mining services environment where customer procurement driven buying practices see major contracts sold into mining companies on a break even or negative profit basis. Technical personnel require selling skills to enable them to sell in additional solutions and services over the course of the contract to drive Key Account sales outcomes from marginal to target profit achievement.

Level Five Engagement: Level Five delivered a fully customised and appropriately positioned sales process, methodology and sales toolbox. Designed and trained the technical staff. Key metrics were established to drive utilisation of the skills and tools to deliver sales targets.


Critical Business Issue: Sales force selling into General Practitioner market unable to effectively engage medical professionals around the value delivered to both patient and doctor by new to market solutions.

Level Five Engagement: Observed sales environment and current sales practices and behaviours. Assisted to redirect and guide new best practice product training approach. Developed question driven engagement model to capture effective GP engagement within the limited interaction times available.

IT Business Services:

Critical Business Issue: Organisation with established internal training team not delivering desired knowledge and skill outcomes.

Level Five Engagement: Review existing training department structure, roles, training audience(s) and identified the desired training outcomes. Developed two phase strategy (i.e. stage one = quick win phase) to reshape the training team structure, deliverables, processes and achieve newly established KPIs.

Financial Services: Mortgage Lending

Critical Business Issue: Australian top four bank concerned about longevity and retention of top 20 mortgage lenders. Looking to develop long term reward and recognition program delivering motivational input, personal development and lifestyle planning, individual business coaching support.

Level Five Engagement: Developed and delivered ongoing program to support, develop, coach and motivate the top 20. Client then achieved 95% retention of the targeted personnel over medium term timeframe.

Travel related Consumer Services

Critical Business Issue: Organisation utilising outsourced telephone sales staff to sell solutions to partner client bases. Not achieving conversion targets. Compliance issues.

Level Five Engagement: Audit existing telephone selling process and behaviours utilised by third party provider. Identified variety of technique, attitude, behaviour and compliance issues. Developed remediation program and trained and coach consultants and team leaders through implementation. Maintained ongoing monitoring and audit program to ensure program became embedded and then institutionalised.