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Training That Really Works

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Business Turnaround Sales Revenue Delivery


Strategic corporate initiatives and business turnaround situations often require revenue development initiatives to reach pre-ordained business performance hurdles.

Whilst high end management consulting firms often pick up this piece as a component of their scope, they rarely possess the sales execution capability to actually drive the revenue delivery.

Our experience is that turning sales and marketing strategy into day to day execution requires on the ground and at the coalface sales management and coaching skills.

What We Do:

  • Gain a detailed brief on the initiative.
  • QA the Commercial (Sales and Marketing) Plan.
  • Develop a sales execution strategy plan and territory plans.
  • Develop the sales tools required to deliver on strategy and the required sales activity.
  • Work with the existing sales organisation and / or Identify and deploy the sales management and sales execution skills to deliver.
  • Measure, report, reset tactics and strategies as required.

What You Get:

  • Reality checked Commercial Plan.
  • Sales strategy and tactics supported by detailed territory plans.
  • Reliable sales forecasting.
  • Marketing and sales collateral required to convert the target markets.
  • In the field sales management and coaching.
  • Objective decisive sales leadership and management.
  • Unswerving focus on delivering the desired outcome(s).
  • Sales training and coaching skills positioned within the project team.

What Problems This Solves For You:

  • No capacity and capability to turn strategy into effective sales execution.
  • An unhealthy reliance on a previously underperforming sales organisation.
  • Inability to pro-actively impact sales performance on a daily basis.
  • Inability or unpreparedness of a legacy sales organisation to execute new or different sales strategy.
  • Ability to impact revenue performance from day one versus 12 -24 months down the track when hurdles / targets are already being missed.
  • Sales leadership requiring hands on leadership, coaching and execution support.

How Long It Takes:

  • 6 weeks to set up
  • 6-24 months


  • $ on a case by case basis and supported by thorough and detailed business case