How an Air Traffic Controller Transitioned to Sales

After 12 years as an air traffic controller, I was looking at alternative fields

Training That Really Works

Clients and prospective clients sometimes see us as “naysayers” when it come

Sales Coaching Support


At some time in anyone’s business career a coach can be instrumental to greater success.

It is difficult for any Sales Manager or salesperson to actually “see their own swing”.

The Sales Manager is the pivotal role in all but a small percentage of sales operational environments.

Whether it be high performers who you are looking to get more from; an inexperienced Sales Manager; or an under-performer or poor performer that you need an objective external party to coach and motivate – we bring experience, ideas and concepts from a broad cross-section of industry sectors and a high level of focus on accountability for performance.

What We Do:

  • Gain a detailed brief on the individual’s to be coached and the development and performance outcomes intended.
  • Meet with coaching participants to build rapport and understand the individual and their current mindset and mode of operation.
  • Develop coaching plan(s) and engage with participants.
  • Measure improvement, change, capability development and outcomes against agreed metrics.

What You Get:

  • High quality sales management coaching and support.
  • High focus on priority sales management capability gaps.
  • Regular reporting to key stakeholders.
  • Reviews at pre-agreed regular intervals.
  • Positive, supportive and pro-active engagement.
  • Anywhere anytime delivery.

What Problems This Solves For You:

  • Salesperson newly promoted to Sales Manager and struggling.
  • Manager without previous sales experience appointed to Sales Manager role.
  • Sales Manager underperforming and requires support.
  • Temporary gap in sales management capability.
  • Sales team not responding to sales leadership initiatives.
  • Small business leader requires sales management coaching to develop confidence / competency.

How Long It Takes:

  • 1 week to set up
  • Coaching Blocks available in multiples of 30 days


  • $5,000 – $10,000 per 30 day block