How an Air Traffic Controller Transitioned to Sales

After 12 years as an air traffic controller, I was looking at alternative fields

Training That Really Works

Clients and prospective clients sometimes see us as “naysayers” when it come

Sales Demand Generation


Telephone prospecting has become a specialist skill that requires a specific temperament and levels of consistency and diligence not necessarily inherent in modern day salespeople.

At the same time, despite the variety of business and personal technologies available, prospects are increasingly difficult to contact.

Despite any training and tools that you my provide your salespeople, the surveys we do consistently and increasingly show that prospecting is the least popular task that you expect your sales team to do.

What We Do:

  • Understand your target market, relevant solutions and selling objectives.
  • Source or utilise your lists and data to organise the demand generation effort.
  • Design the interest creation effort utilising a solution selling oriented model.
  • Develop sales tools and allocate staff.
  • Execute the demand generation activity for you (warm or cold prospecting activity)

What You Get:

  • Qualified quality demand delivered direct to the relevant sales person in the form of a confirmed meeting.
  • Daily reporting against agreed success metrics.
  • Solid pipeline of properly qualified opportunities.
  • Opportunities that develop quickly and are significantly more likely to close.

What Problems This Solves For You:

  • Insufficient volume of opportunities in your pipeline.
  • Sales staff saying they will prospect and then don’t.
  • Strong sales team but weak capability at the front end of the pipeline.
  • Prospecting nor being conducted on message.
  • Low speed of opportunity through the pipeline.
  • Pipeline of “rubbish” opportunities.

How Long It Takes:

  • 7 days set up
  • Demand Blocks available = 14, 30, 60, 90 days


  • Based on complexity of task and volume required.
  • Can be tailored to your budget and timing.