How an Air Traffic Controller Transitioned to Sales

After 12 years as an air traffic controller, I was looking at alternative fields

Training That Really Works

Clients and prospective clients sometimes see us as “naysayers” when it come

Sales Messaging & Marketing Alignment


Great sales execution starts and finishes with a solid understanding of what problems your solutions solve and what opportunities they create for your customers and clients.
All too often, marketing departments deliver feature laden product focused messages that are anti-productive to effective selling.
Marketing and product training materials should be prepared in a consistent manner that helps sales personnel ask the right questions and thus develop the customer and client conversations that positively position your company, your salespeople and your capabilities.

What We Do:

  • Review your marketing and promotional materials, product training and proposals to review customer-centricity of messaging.
  • Skill your marketing team to implement our Solution Messaging process and practices.
  • Facilitate the creating of a first tranche of best practice marketing materials.
  • Coach and monitor the implementation to ensure the processes are successfully embedded.

What You Get:

  • Solution Messaging intellectual property and in perpetuity license
  • Solution Messaging process, tools, templates and skills
  • Value proposition format
  • Reference story format
  • Complete output for agreed number of solutions
  • Key differentiators for agreed number of solutions
  • Ongoing implementation and embedding support

What Problems This Solves For You:

  • An entrenched “telling is selling” approach
  • Poorly targeted customer messaging
  • Salespeople unable to effectively differentiate your offering
  • Sales team do not know what questions to ask
  • Inability to sell “high” into your target customer base
  • Lead generation and prospecting not delivering results

How Long It Takes:

  • 14 -21 days


  • $25,000 (Ex GST)